(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. account, reckoning, tally, record; reason; twenty; music, orchestration, arrangement, chart (sl.); notch, scratch. See debt, music, credit, furrow.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A tally]
Syn. stock, counterstock, countertally, reckoning, record, average, rate, account, count, number.
2. [The total of the scores, sense 1]
Syn. summation, aggregate, sum, addition, summary, amount, final tally, final account; see also number 1 , whole .
3. [Written music]
Syn. transcript, arrangement, orchestration; see arrangement 5 , composition , music 1 .
know the score*,
Syn. grasp the situation, be aware, comprehend; see know 1 , understand 1 .
1. [To make a single score]
Syn. make a goal, gain a point, win a point, rack up*, chalk up*.
2. [To compute the score]
Syn. total, calculate, reckon, tally, enumerate, count, add.
3. [To damage]
Syn. deface, mar, mark; see damage 1 , maim .
4. [To compose a musical accompaniment]
Syn. orchestrate, arrange, adapt; see arrange 3 , compose 3 .
5. [*To purchase legally or illegally]
Syn. get, procure, secure; see buy 1 , obtain 1 .
6. [*To copulate]
Syn. have intercourse with, sleep with, lie with, fornicate; see copulate .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. tally count, points, sum, total.
2. grade mark.
3. musical composition arrangement, chart.
4. groove nick, notch, cut, gash.
1. succeed triumph, achieve, win, *rack up, *chalk up, *nail it, *hit it.
2. cut crosshatch, gouge, nick, notch, gash, slit.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. An incision, a notch, or a slight cut made with or as if with a knife: scotch, scratch, slash. See MARKS. 2. The total number of points made by a contestant, side, or team in a game or contest: tally. See COUNT. 3. A very large number of things grouped together. Used in plural: army, cloud, crowd, drove, flock, horde, host, legion, mass, mob, multitude, ruck1, swarm, throng. See BIG, GROUP. II verb 1. To gain (a point or points) in a game or contest: post1, tally. Informal: notch. See DO. 2. To evaluate and assign a grade to: grade, mark. See VALUE. 3. To criticize harshly and devastatingly: blister, drub, excoriate, flay, lash, rip into, scarify1, scathe, scorch, scourge, slap, slash. Informal: roast. Slang: slam. Idioms: burn someone's ears, crawl all over, pin someone's ears back, put someone on the griddle, put someone on the hot seat, rake over the coals, read the riot act to. See PRAISE. 4. Slang. To succeed in doing: accomplish, achieve, attain, gain, reach, realize. See DO. 5. Slang. To do or fare well: boom, flourish, go, prosper, thrive. Idioms: get (or go) somewhere, go great guns, go strong. See THRIVE.

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